Copy Writing Service

Capturing 70% of the visitors' attention could result to longer viewing of your website, Facebook Page or your blog. Here at AFFAF Creative Enterprise, that is exactly what we do for you.

Legal Translators - English/Bahasa Malaysia

We offer legal translation services for public and private sectors by providing precise and in context translations with reasonable cost. Fret not, let our team solve your hitch! We are a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals with legal background. Quality translation services include legal documents such as cause papers, affidavits, agreements, power of attorneys, statutory declarations, wills, legal letters, etc. Contact Fahima a certified translator with certificate from Malaysian Institute of Translation & Books from for more details: Mobile: +6011 62709393

Blog Posts

Readers turn followers with brilliantly written blogs that draws readers to feel the emotion, understand the information and obtain the education or even gust into the promotion on your blog.
~ Fast turnaround
~ 100% unique content
~ Written in Bahasa Malaysia or English

Online Marketing

Increase your sales by running an online marketing campaign. Getting the right people to view your product will significantly increase your sales and followers.
~ Keyword analysis
~ Geographical analysis
~ Market analysis
~ Competitor analysis
~ Best content for your advertisement
~ Content based on your target audience

Facebook Posts

Your business will be known following the quality update posts on this social media site. Engagement with your audience will define the feedbacks you receive by using the right language, approach, its timeliness and relevance to your posts.
~ Engagement with your audience
~ 100% unique content
~ Written in Bahasa Malaysia or English

Article and Website Content Writing

Getting your website noticed and increasing the traffic is our primary goal. Through good quality article writing viewers will seek to gain more information and refer to you as specialist in your niche.
~ Good quality writing
~ 100% unique content
~ Fast turnaround
~ Written in Bahasa Malaysia or English